Rani Mukherjee’s struggles in Tara Rum Pum akin to her mom’s

Rani Mukherjee and her mom share an extremely close relationship; the actress is in fact extremely dependant on her mom both in her professional and personal life. Rani in fact feels that her role in her forthcoming film Tara Rum Pum is akin to her mom’s real life role. In Tara Rum Pum, Rani plays the role of a wife who goes through a hard time trying to support her family both financially and emotionally after her husband has an accident. Rani feels that her character is very much like her mother’s as her mom too went through a similar situation when her dad was facing a financial crisis earlier in their life. Rani is so touched by this role that she has even dedicated the title track ‘Tara Rum Pum’ to her mom.
Rani and her family too have gone through a tough time in life, earlier when her father was struggling in his career. However Rani gives all the credit for the family making it through their tough times to her mom. Rani too has been affected by the tough times that she has faced as a child and she says “Obviously I was affected by the tough times; I am not a super human being to only have a great frame of mind.” However Rani is extremely proud of her parents and says “Everyone has their share of hard times, but my parents faced it with great courage. The kind of commitment that my mother had for her family, or my father had for us created a deep bond and it made us overcome all the obstacles that ever came our way.” Rani is reminded of her mother’s strength and courage when she plays her role in Tara Rum Pum, she says “The title track Tara Rum Pum sung by Shaan and Mahalaxmi Iyer is a stunning composition by Vishal-Shekhar, it reminds me of my parents, especially my mother.” Hence Rani has dedicated this number to her mom.

Rani feels that whatever she is today is because of the support of her mother, she says “The credit for who I am today goes to my mom, the way she brought me up. She always smiled through all her problems in life; she never showed any sign of going through hard times, even though my brother Raja and I were aware of it.” Rani identifies with the character and she could relate to the script, she says “I could relate to that character well as I knew exactly where it was coming from.” Rani is extremely happy with the melodious music of Tara Rum Pum and she says “every song is unique in its own way and Javed Akhtar has written fantastic lyrics that truly tell you about the character.” Rani says “The kind of culture, traditions and values we all have towards our parents, they are passed down generationally. That is the spirit of the film, that is where I come from. And I am certain that it will strike the right chord with its audiences.”