Rani Mukherjee expecting first child with hubby Aditya Chopra

It’s hardly been three months of marriage and Rani Mukherjee is struck with pregnancy rumor. Rumor spark of her being pregnant when she arrived on the set of dance celebrity show, ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’ bit late and she reasoned about being late. She said that she visited a doctor as she was suffering from flu and hence she could not make to the show on time.

But it is noticed that there is not sign of illness on her face rather she was glowing and moreover, she was looking bit heavy. There was a spark on her face which basically seen in the face of an expected woman. In various occasions, she has expressed her desire to become mother soon. Rani looked bit heavy as she appeared on the show. She indeed needed help to climb the staircase and she even asked for cushion to rest her back. These are all signs of a pregnant woman.

Few jokes cracked on the show which hinted of her being pregnant.  Madhuri revealed how Rani sang 'kabhi neem neem' on her wedding day for Aditya Chopra. To this Karan Johar said, “Adi, please don’t blame me for this, I did not say anything. It was Rani who told Madhuri. She is the culprit, not me,” Karan added that he feared Aditya more than his own parents. 

In a recent interview with Times of India, Rani had clearly expressed her desire to start a family soon. On being asked, whether she is looking to start a family at the earliest, she said, "Of course, as that is why we are married. And I want to expect soon. Every woman is born to procreate and God has given us that magic power to bring another human being into the world. So, why should we not use that and play God for once." 

She further stated, "Adi always teases me, 'You are born to become a mother. You should have had babies when you were born only.' So yes, I am completely looking forward to becoming a mother. But movies is my first love and that is what has given me confidence and a say in this world. It has also given me a big family in the film industry and today I am married into a family that has only made love stories. I have a lot to be thankful for. And I definitely feel that whenever I will get a good script, I will work." 

Rani Mukherjee married Aditya Chopra in 21st April and her next release ‘Mardaani’ on 22nd August.