Rani Mukherjee consoles heartbroken Aditya Chopra

Rani Mukherjee who shares an open secret relationship with Yash Raj head honcho Aditya Chopra stands by Yash Chopra’s family and lending them the mental and emotional support which the family wants during this hard time. The Chopras received a big blow with the sudden demise of Yash Chopra. They were actually not at all prepared for it specially when he was recovering and undergoing treatment at Lilavati hospital.

When Yash Chopra was admitted to Lilavati hospital and doctors detected dengue, Rani cancelled all her events and looked after Yashji in the hospital. After the death of Yash Chopra, Rani took part in every ritual. She was there at the hospital, she was present at the funeral, and she also stood by the family at the chautha ceremony.

When doctors declared Yash Chopra dead, Rani controlled shattered Aditya in the hospital. A source told a website, "Aditya, who was very close to his father was just got inconsolable and burst into tears. Rani, who was next to Aditya cajoled him in controlling himself, asking him to take care of mother Pamela, who was completely shattered."

The source further added, "Pam aunty was caressing Yashji's forehead, while Uday who looked haggard was seen taking phone calls, informing close relatives about his father's sad demise."

Talking about the cremation the source said, "Uday burst into tears, hugging his mother Pamela. The two were inconsolable, even Rani was in tears trying to cajole both."

Initially, Rani did not share a great rapport with Yashji. Yash Chopra favors Aditya’s first wife Payal and he did not want his son to divorce Payal but finally the legal formalities got over and Yash Chopra lastly accepted Rani Mukherjee.

When things sorted out between Rani and Chopra’s family, Rani went on a vacation with Aditya Chopra and his family. When everything fall on place and things were going great guns, the Chopra family and the entire film industry shook with the death of the filmmaker. It was also speculated that Rani and Aditya might enter into wedlock very soon but God has something else stored for all.