Rani can have you in splits

<a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/celebrity/rani-mukherjee/' title='Rani Mukherjee' class='article_display_tag' data-id='rani-mukherjee' id='article_tag_data_rani-mukherjee' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Rani Mukherjee</strong></a>An irrepressible blithe spirit, Rani Mukherji can have you in splits with her witty, pithy answers but she also shows some rare spirit in the 'Hum vs Tum' gender debate...
Do you share the sentiment of your 'Hum Tum' song, 'yeh ladkiyan na jaane kyuon ladkon si nahi hoti'?

That's just a song. In 'Yeh ladkiyan' the girl complains that boys wear smelly socks for two days in a row. But my father is a dresser. He is very particular about wearing color co-ordinated clothes. As for wondering why boys are the way they are, my take is different. My family is quite conservative- my brother never took me to parties. As a result the guys I know are also conservative.

Who decides curfew hour in your family?

My dad. The mother appears to be a villain but it is the father who has got her all worked up in the bedroom about keeping tabs on the daughter.

Unlike an only child, you have grown up with your brother Raja. Has that made it easier for you to relate to and understand boys?

Absolutely. Besides that, I also studied in a co-ed school and for me boys are buddies. I am as close to them as my girl friends.

In 'Yuva' your husband Lallan beats you up. But your character continues to root for him. Can you stand physical abuse?

My father has never raised his hand on my mother. Yes, there have been instances when my brother wanted to strangle me but he stopped himself. Even if my father accidentally steps on my toe, he mutters 'Ma' and does a pranam. Like every girl I idolize my father.

How much have men contributed to your growth as an actress?

I have no qualms about saying that men are really fantastic and I love them. No two ways about that. I have learnt so much from my male directors and actors like Shah Rukh, Aamir and Govinda.

Did you ever rue the fact that you were born a Rani and not a Raja?

Never. I am happy being a Rani. Also, I want my first born to be a girl.

Do you feel more vulnerable because you are a woman?

Yes. I don't think women even get a chance to live for themselves.

You don't think men live for their wives and children?

Probably after 40. Till 40, men are naughty. If my dad is loyal to my mom it's because when he married he was 40 and my mom was 20.

So you are looking for someone who is forty plus?

Definitely. My husband will be overwhelmed with the idea of a young wife, he won't be able to peel his eyes off me.

Should a woman accept a man with his faults?

No man is picture perfect. Loving is accepting each other with one's faults.

Is infidelity on the list of forgivable faults?

No. Women (me included) belong to Kali Mata's dynasty. Therefore I will marry only a 40 plus man. Since by then, he will have his fill of fun; he will be loyal to me for the rest of his life.