Rani blames boyfriend Aditya Chopra

The ex-booming star of Bollywood Rani Mukherjee’s career is heading nowhere and she blames her beau and Yashraj head honcho Aditya Chopra for her detoriating condition. Her past films had done wonders but some of her recent Yashraj flicks had drag her career to darkness. Rani feels that less promotion is the prime factor of the disaster. She is totally upset as her career is tending downwards and she does not have any quality films in hand other than few Yashraj flicks.

She has now decided to look beyond Yashraj flicks and sign more films of other big banners. It is reported that Rani is giving cold shoulders to her beau and not attending his calls. She now wants to stabilize her sinking career and therefore sideling her personal life. Rani is miffed as Adi has taken hold of her career and guiding her in every step. This is intolerable on her part.

Since Yashraj banner is a record holder, Rani has trusted them with close eyes. But at last, she encounters with reality.