Rani and Saif share cold vibes off-screen

Rani MukherjeeRani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan have been seen together and their chemistry has been appreciated in films like Hum Tum, Tara Rum Pum, etc. They share good on-screen chemistry and hence filmmakers are eager to cast the two actors together on-screen. However off-screen, sources claim that Saif and Rani share cold vibes with each other and don't get along well at all.  

The main cause for their relationship off-screen going sour was a fight between the two while shooting for the film Tara Rum Pum. Sources claim "Their relationship went sour after both of them had a public spat during the shoot of Tara Rum Pum in New York. An argument had lead to a shouting match at the time and ever since they share cold vibes off-screen." At the time after the huge showdown, Saif had even asked Tara Rum Pum director Siddharth Anand to change his hotel and put him up in a hotel away from Rani. However due to their amazing on-screen chemistry they have been cast together for Kunal Kohli's film. Recently while shooting for the film in Bangkok, Kareena Kapoor had joined Saif for a day. At the time Saif tried his best to make amends and even invited Rani to join the two of them for an outing. However Rani seems least interested in making peace with Saif and turned down the invitation. 

Saif and Rani have also done a few ads together and they look great on-screen. But off-screen it seems there is a lot of animosity and cold vibes between them. However a source claims that they will continue to work together in ads and films as both of them are professionals and are well aware of their on-screen chemistry. Rani and Saif will soon be seen in Kunal Kohli's film together. Rani will supposedly be playing the role of an Indian version of Mary Poppins and in the film she will take care of Saif's kids. But director Kunal Kohli who is also a good friend of the two actors said "They would have to be great politicians to do three films together despite not getting along. No, I haven't seen any problem between them. And even if I had, why would I tell you? They're my colleagues and I'm doing a film with them, after all."