Rani, Aamir, Karan Johar trolled for laughing at Krishna Raj Kapoor’s funeral

It was a sad moment when legendary actor Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Raj Kapoor breathed her last on Monday morning at the age of 87. However, many celebrities from the film industry turned up to pay their condolence to the family and pay their last respect to the departed soul. At the moment of grief, netizens got a chance to savagely trolled few celebrities.

Actors Rani Mukerji and Aamir Khan along with filmmaker Karan Johar have been criticised on social media for sharing a light moment at the time of grief. They were spotted laughing and smiling in the videos and pictures shared.

Trolls couldn't hold back and posted comments like "They are in a prayer meeting, why are they laughing?" and "Is this a funeral or a party?"

One troll even said, "These are the most fake people. See shameless rani karan johar. Rani thinks she is a big thing getting married to Aditya chopra. Just hate her."

Having fun at a funeral KJO & Rani ? pic.twitter.com/BqhNnvFQRb

#These filmi idiots are hypocrites of the highest order. One can't expect any civility from them.

While some backed their behaviour

#I don't think there is any reason to mourn here. She was 87 and lived her life quite well. She was sick for last few days and people were aware that the moment has come. Obviously people close to her will feel the void in their life but that's it.

#There is nothing wrong here..
You don't need to pretend to be sad..
They are smiling on some other topic.
Not on Krishna ji 's death.
& They are not near to her body & all...

But Alia Bhatt accumulated all the praise. Netizens said that she behaved very maturely and knew how to behave in such situation.