Rang De Basanti is more than just another patriotic film

Rang De Basanti is more than just another patriotic film; it deals with several issues, ones that lead to the awakening of a generation. It gives a brief background of the historical events that have led to the freedom of our country. It shows us how some common youngsters became great historical figures. RDB brings to life, the famous Jalianwala Baug massacre, the Rowlatt act, etc, events in our history which we have only read about in history textbooks. It gives us a sense of pride in our history.
There’s also the issue of rampant corruption in politics and administration depicted in RDB. It shows how corruption at high levels can affect people from all strata’s of society, and how in this case it affects a few college students. The movie has also depicted that love, brotherhood and a common goal can transcend all castes and creed. It stamps out the long standing myth, that Muslims are not part of our history. RDB has also managed to capture the spirit and essences of the vivacious seek community.

There’s also the issue of sparking an awakening in today’s youngsters. The movie wants to make an impact on people; it desires to motivate its viewers. It encourages people to get involved in society and not be selfish by thinking of only themselves. It propagates the concept that each person has a responsibility to society and only when all of us shoulder it; will life get better.The core message of RDB is that youth should get involved in mainstream politics and administration. They should not sit back and complain how things are not right and instead of pointing fingers and blaming others, they should get up and start correcting what is wrong. This, according to acclaimed actor Aamir Khan is the main agenda of RDB.

It also teaches one not to take oneself too seriously all the time, one need’s to learn to laugh at oneself and always look on the brighter side of things. This is clearly reflected in attitude of these young guns who lighten up the movie, with there fun loving personalities. Rang De Basanti is full of social messages; it’s up to the viewers to pick them up and do something about them.

Rang De Basanti is an absolute must watch.