Randeep Hooda undergoes appendix surgery

Randeep Hooda underwent appendix surgery in a Delhi hospital. He fainted on the sets of Salman Khan's ‘Sultan’ in the capital on Sunday following a severe appendicitis attack and rushed to the hospital

"Randeep had been in acute pain for some time, but he is known for his professionalism so he ignored it to complete the shoot on time. Today (Monday) he will undergo surgery," said a source close to the actor.

Being a true professional, Randeep ignore his pain and consumed high dose of pain killer to suppress his pain and continued his shoot but his condition worsen.

"He was rushed to Fortis, Vasant Kunj as the pain increased and became unbearable. Salman insisted that he should get his operation done as soon as possible and not ignore the pain any further. He even told him that he should not worry about the delay in the shooting schedule and prioritise his health," a source said.

Randeep's sister, Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan, who is a nutrition specialist, told that Randeep first experienced pain two months ago when he was losing weight for ‘Sarabjit’. "The pain subsided then and he didn't take it seriously as he had too much work in hand then and had a packed shooting schedule. His drastic weight loss for the role could be one of the reasons for this. Losing so much weight in so little time does have its side effects, and that is why we never advise people to do that. He lost around 18 kgs in a month as he was preparing to shoot the jail sequence in the film.

He is that kind of a person who would give his heart and soul and endure as much pain to prepare for his role - he wanted to be prepared for this role and he had just a month," she said. After the pain increased on Sunday, Anjali arranged for his surgery on Monday, and told us, "He is so into his work that he would have delayed this treatment, but it is better to get the surgery done soon. He will be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, hopefully. You do not require much recovery time after the surgery and he should be fine to even fly out of the city by Wednesday."

On the work front, Randeep Hooda is juggling between ‘Sultan’ and ‘Sarbjit’.