Photos: Ranbir Kapoor's funny antics on social media

On 21st of January the long years of awaiting Ranbir Kapoor’s arrival on social media platforms were finally over. This handsome young heartthrob joined six different platforms using the name RanbirKa6000r. He simultaneously spent six hours on all 6 social media platforms. The day that Ranbir’s fans were eagerly waiting for came, yet, made no impact.

Ranbir was one of the few stars missing from social media websites and messenger apps. Fans often wished he would officially join such websites so that they could follow him and his daily activities. The day was planned, officially announced and then it arrived. However, it made no impact. Fans were greatly disappointed. While they expected juicy gossip, news related to him and Katrina and his future projects. Ranbir did not address these matters at all. The actor spent six hours on Vine, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. All throughout this time he seemed to be promoting himself or endorsing Lenovo phones. There was a general lack of great ideas and awesome content.

The first tweet by this star was a minute long video showcasing how he typed his first ever tweet. In this video Ranbir’s hands are seen typing Check, 1 2 3. The next tweet that was supposed to be mind blowing turned out to be not even remotely mind blowing. A collage of selfies of various things was posted. While one photo captured the starlet’s watch, the others captured his shoes, coffee and hairstyle. Exceptionally trivial information was shared in this time span.

Ranbir’s next post was an attempt to promote the new Lenovo A6000. He tweeted, “I seem to have lost my phone. Whoever is responsible, will surely pay for it.” After these unsuccessful attempts to make a good impression this ‘Jagga Jassos’ star fooled around with Hoezaay of MTV. The next post was a video in which Ranbir was seen swaying his hips. This funny video managed to cheer up some fans but most of them could not understand what Ranbir intended to communicate through the posts. The last post of the day was again a collage. However, this time it was of 6 different expressions on Ranbir’s face. According to Ranbir, “I am having a blast. This day is filled with fun and excitement.”

The mere five trivial tweets made by Ranbir could not impress many. But, the loyal fans of Bollywood’s chocolate boy still continue following him.
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