Ranbir wants Deepika back, Dips says no

No sooner the rumor of Deepika Padukone’s link-up with Shahid Kapur hit the gossip column, Ranbir Kapoor turns restless.  He is desperate to know whether the news is true or just a rumor. Ranbir Kapoor’s desperation gives us a hint that he still carries a soft corner for Deepika Padukone whom he has thrown away from his life. Ranbir calls up everyone close to Dips to know what’s really cooking up between Deepika and Shahid. News is doing the rounds that Ranbir is chasing Dips but she is not ready to give up to his plea.

Confirming the news a close friend of Dips said, “It was Ranbir who told Deepika that the relationship was off. She took it on her chin and moved on, keeping the hurt to herself. But the minute Ranbir heard about rumors linking her to Shahid Kapoor, he started sms-ing Deepika and their mutual friends, asking if the rumors were true.”

Now the twist in the tale is that Shahid is desperate to get back Priyanka Chopra in his life. Some misunderstandings parts them away but he now wants to renew his relationship with Piggy Chops. “Priyanka is still very fond of Shahid and if there is any girl who is on Shahid`s mind right now, it`s Priyanka,” a source told a daily.

Oophs, everything seems to be very messy, Ranbir chasing Deepika and Shahid chasing Priyanka, while Ranbir is thinking that Deepika and Shahid is into a serious relationship.