Ranbir Kapoor replaces Salman Khan as ‘Bigg Boss 8’ host

If rumors are to be believed, the reigning actor Ranbir Kapoor has been approached by the makers of ‘Bigg Boss’ to host the show in the coming season. The next season will be the eight season of the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

The reality show of ‘Bigg Boss’ was hosted by Dabangg Khan for the last four seasons. He was extremely popular among contestants and viewers. Due to Salman’s starry aura, the show went on to become the most popular reality show. TRPs sky rocketed after Salman took as host of the show.

It is rumored that Salman Khan is busy with his new show. The show is based on social causes and so Salman Khan might not have time to host the net season of ‘Bigg Boss’.

Well, some insiders told that the story was something else. Every season Salman Khan got embroiled in some or the other controversy. Sometimes he was tagged ‘too judgmental’ and sometimes he was tagged as being ‘biased’. In the seventh season, there were a number of things that rubbed Salman Khan the wrong way. One was the return of Kushal Tandon in the house against Salman’s wish. This irritated Salman. Also, Salman was blamed to be biased towards Tanishaa Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli. These factors irked him and so he decided to opt out from the next season. The makers of the show tried their best to bring him onboard one more time, but Salman Khan refused.

Ranbir is currently the heartthrob of Bollywood. He is doing good and is extremely popular. So, the makers of ‘Bigg Boss’ decided to approach him. He has a fan following similar to Salman Khan.

If Ranbir accepts to be the host of the show, it will mark his debut on small screen. He will also be considered the first among his contemporaries to appear on small screen on a show as a host.

VJ Andy who was one of the contestants at ‘Bigg Boss 7’ said that not having Salman in the next season will be a huge loss for the show. He said, “I don't think there can be any other host other than Salman Khan. He's the soul of the show and if he decides not to continue with the show it will not be good for Bigg Boss. His absence on the reality show will be a huge loss. The way he handled all of us on the show, I don't think anyone else can do it.”