Ranbir surprises Deepika

Who said Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are no longer a couple. Instead, the duo is very much together and deeply in love. Ranbir has proved as how much he loves his lady and how much he misses her by his surprise visit to Deepika in Kajrat. 

According to a close source, "Ranbir was shooting for ‘Rocket Singh’ within city limits. Since Deepika has been holed up in Karjat, the two didn`t get enough time to spend with each other. Hence, Ranbir decided to visit Deepika. That way, the two would get to spend some quality time during their journey back to the city."

Deepika was not expecting Ranbir. They were in constant touch in phone but Ranbir never revealed that he will visit her. His surprise visit shocked the actress and she was overjoyed. Madly in love couple spent some quality time and then again went back to their individual shoot. The duo hardly gets time to meet as they are busy in endorsements and films.