Ranbir still unsure about Deepika

Bollywood’s much talked about couple Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are having a constant tiff over the months. Deepika’s overprotective nature has taken a toll on Ranbir's mind and now he is thinking about her existence in his life, Ranbir is into serious thought whether to continue with Deepika or call it a off. Ranbir when asked about his marriage said that he has not yet decided when to get married and with whom to get married.

It is not only Ranbir who is in dilemma whether to continue with his present love or not but Deepika is also unsure about Ranbir. Doubt arises when she said that it is too early to get into any relationship and also it is too early to be called ‘Bahurani’.

Ranbir’s family is now turning their faces off from Deepika. Deepika who was once the darling of Neetu Singh now turned cold about her and regarded her a mere friend of her son. Sister Riddhima also reluctant to speak about Ranbir’s off screen chemistry with Deepika.