Ranbir spotted with sweet 20 at a bar in Mumbai

Ranbir Kapoor popularly known as Casanova is fully enjoying his bachelorhood. Recently, he was seen having a good time with a young girl of 20 at the Aer Bar in Worli, Mumbai. Ranbir and the girl shared drinks and interacted closely.

Narrating the incident, a source said, “Both, Ranbir and the girl looked very comfortable with each other. They came in a little before 11 pm. For starters, they were engaged in a very long, animated conversation, often laughed together.”

The girl in question was wearing a casual summer dress while junior Kapoor was in his routine jeans look. However he did not want to be recognized by his fans which he was seen hiding partly under a hat. “He thought that the top hat would cover him. But then, he took it off. Well, he did take it off for a very little while before he wore it again as he got up to leave.”

A friend of Ranbir denied the story, “Okay, Ranbir was at Aer on Friday night. But he certainly wasn’t with just one girl. He had gone there with a group of ten people.”

But the eyewitness said, “Ranbir was sitting with that girl alone on a sofa.”

“That table where Ranbir and the girl were sitting is given only for reservations. And he even left with her. I checked the time when they strode out of the bar, it was around 12.45 am.”