Ranbir's mom unsure about Deepika

For quite sometime, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are not going steady in their relationship and with so many ups and downs in their life, their parents are also uncertain about their future. Ranbir's mother Neetu Singh who already dreamt Deepika as her daughter-in-law is now seems unconfident about Deepika. She raised the eyebrows of all when she was quoted as saying, "Deepika is just another girlfriend in Ranbir's life." When asked to clarify the reason of her doubts, she explained, "Both of them are very young. It’s a long way to go before marriage. No one knows what future holds for them."

In many occasions, Neetu spotted with Deepika. They made their first public appearance during the Lakme fashion week and caught the eyes of all.  It was also reported that Deepika is the choice of Ranbir's parents and they even accepted her as their bahu. But now with so many differences in Ranbir and Deepika's life, their future of being one seems swinging. Not only their parents but Ranbir and Deepika themselves are uncertain about what future has stored for them.

The sizzling duo is busy with their respective project and hardly gets time for clearing up their differences.