Ranbir opens up about Rishi-Neetu’s troubled marriage

If you think being born in a rich, reputed and respectable family is a trouble free life then you have to think twice before coming to this conclusion. The present heartthrob of Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor comes from a noted and rich Bollywood family but he reveals about his disturbed childhood. Ranbir opened up about his painful childhood because of the fight between his parents, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh.

He shared about his bitter childhood memories as how he was the victim of his parents’ fights.

"Sometimes the fights would get really bad. I would be sitting on the steps, my head between my knees, till five or six in the morning, waiting for them to stop," the actor told a tabloid.

 "My parents had a very troubled marriage for a long time, and I was caught in the middle because I was there. But let’s just say I didn’t grow up with any rose-tinted illusions about love. I learned the hard way how complicated a relationship between a man and woman could be."

The actor, even credited the turmoil for his success and added, “I just bottled everything up. There was a reservoir of emotions building up inside, desperately looking for an outlet. Perhaps it’s all coming out in my films now.”

The trouble in Rishi and Neetu’s paradise hit the headlines then and they were almost on the verge of separation but things was put under control and they lead a long married life despite trouble.

Though Rishi and Neetu had a troubled marriage, they did not let it affect their children. Ranbir got the best of education aboard and when he returned he took up acting as his career and firmed his foot in Bollywood. At this young stage, he has done many mature roles and won the heart of the audience.