Ranbir lifts Deepika in his arms and sways her around

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone showed incredible chemistry and friendship while promoting their upcoming film, ‘Tamasha’. The duo had a blast on the stage. The couple broke into impromptu gig to 'Matargashti' song and after matching steps, all of a sudden Ranbir lifted Deepika in his arms and swayed her around and Deepika, who was taken by surprise at Ranbir’s quick action giggles.

Ranbir and Deepika were rarest couple who worked together despite break-up. The past left no mark on their present friendship and they seemed quite occupied with their work and has done whatever requires for promoting a movie, leaving their past behind. They was not a single moment of awkwardness between them while promoting ‘Tamasha’.

During the event, the ‘Cocktail’ actress Deepika Padukone says when she professes her love for Ranbir Kapoor, it often gets misconstrued.

“I don’t think you can define love… He said he loves me, I said I love him, it’s misconstrued and it’s stated very differently because love is not just one feeling. It’s a very layered emotion, layered feeling. It’s something which develops overtime…

“So it’s not one dimensional that ‘Oh I love him’ means only one thing. It’s comes from a place of honesty, respect and being protective of one another,” Deepika told reporters here.

Ranbir said that he and Deepika worked hard all these years to make their own individuality in the industry and not trying to sell their past history.  “Deepika and I started our journey in the film industry 8 years ago. I think we have worked hard to make our individual identities… We try that individual people like our work. We are not trying to sell our personal life or history.

“We try to do our best on screen and hope audience likes our work. It doesn’t affect our personal relationship.”

Deepika said that Ranbir is a true friend of her and they respect each other.

“There’s much more what goes into a relationship than just chemistry. What we value and appreciate more is that we have a genuine friendship for life. That’s what we respect about each other the most.”

‘Tamasha’, directed by Imtiaz Ali slated to release on November 27.