Ranbir knocks Deepika’s door at night

It was Ranbir Kapoor who dumped Deepika Padukone after dating for a year. Now he wanted her back in his life. With an attempt to do so, Ranbir Kapoor knocked Deepika’s door at night to persuade and take her for ‘Rajneeti’ premiere. Deepika was in Delhi for a film shoot and Ranbir too was in the capital for ‘Rajneeti’ premiere. At late night, Ranbir drove to the hotel in which she was staying and knocked her door and asked for a night-cap. Deepika did not open her door.

One of their mutual friends who is a director intervened and asked Ranbir to return to his hotel. After repeated persuasion for an hour when Dips did not open her door, he left.

Grapevine buzz that Ranbir Kapoor now repents having cutting ties with Deepika and he wanted her back in his life but Deepika is not in the mood to renew the broken relationship.