Ranbir, Katrina won’t celebrate V-day together

All is not well in Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s paradise. Since they returned from their USA trip, the couple has been on talking terms and keeping a safe distance from one another. Looking at their stance, we can say that this valentine is going to be very dull for Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.

Ranbir Kapoor is presently in Mumbai spotted partying with close pals recently at Karan Johar’s Bandra residence while Katrina Kaif is busy shooting for ‘Bang Bang’ in Shimla. As the duo is at two different places and not in taking terms, it is highly speculated that they won’t celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

If the relationship had been like before any one of them might have flown down to celebrate the lovers’ day together but now it seems impossible. Before Kat left for ‘Bang Bang’ shoot, Kiran Rao tried o play peacemaker between the two lovers and break the ice between Kat and Ranbir but it is not yet know whether she is successful in her attempt or not.

Off late Ranbir and Katrina had been fighting a lot and although they had gone to New York to celebrate the New Year together, they had returned separately. People wondered if it was a split or an attempt to avoid paparazzi.

According to sources. It is said that the couple were having a minor tiff and it certainly was not as big as to cause a split. And the reason was a rather romantic one – not being able to append enough time together due to hectic shooting schedules. According to a source, ‘the two had arguments recently over the fact that they will now be caught up with their respective shooting schedules and get little time together. Though they went on a holiday just around New Year’s Eve, Katrina has now begun shooting for her endorsements, which will be followed by the shoot for her next film with actor Saif Ali Khan. And even though they are working on Jagga Jasoos together, not all their shoot schedules will actually be with each other.’ The source further added, ‘They did have a small fight but they have resolved the matter. It was never as big as it was made out to be. They are still together.’

Fans, in the past, feared a ghastly breakup and the reasons assumed for the breakup were many. While some suggested that while Katrina wanted to settle down, Ranbir who is much focused on his career, did not want to be bogged down with marriage. At the same time, other rumours put the blame on Katrina on being too career oriented. The public fight that Ranbir and Katrina had in NYC was blamed on Ranbir’s ex-flame Deepika Padukone. Apparently, a fishy text from the actress sent Katrina in a frenzy. Along with that, the fact that Ranbir is not disclosing his relationship in public is not sitting too well with Katrina. All these reasons led people to believe the couple were heading for a split. But all rumours have been led to rest and the couple seem to be very much together. Fans can resume dreaming about a starry wedding as Kareena discussed on the show, ‘Koffee with Karan.’