Ranbir, Katrina narrowly escapes car accident

The chocolate hero from the famous Kapoor clan is well known for his passion for cars. The dashing super star seems to spend his earnings mostly on luxury cars and their accessories. His latest possession of pride is a Mercedes Benz SUV, G class. The sparkling white SUV is a head turner and no doubt enhances the image of the owner. Therefore it is pretty understandable that Ranbir was eager to show off his new toy to his girl friend glamorous Katrina Kaif.

On Monday night Ranbir planned a cozy ride with Katrina in his new car. He was shooting for a commercial at Film city. Incidentally Katrina was also shooting in Film city and the prince charming offered to drop off his lady love in the shinning car. However, things didn’t go as planned and almost ended in a disaster.

The couple was busy chatting when their car entered the Pali Hill, Bandra area. The duo forgot that in that area Imran Khan has hosted a party to celebrate the 25 years of Aamir Khan’s movie, ‘Quayamat Se Quayamat Tak’. The celebrities and Bollywood stars graced the party. Therefore reporters and cameramen were also present at the spot to cover the event.

As soon as Ranbir realized that he can be filmed along with his girl friend, panic gripped him and he increased the speed to leave the area. However, this maneuver almost resulted in his car getting collided with a car coming from opposite direction.

A spectator who saw the incident take place narrated, “Katrina was sitting in the passenger’s seat and when Ranbir spotted the media outside Imran’s house, he pushed the accelerator to avoid being photographed. He was driving on a steep slope and in panic he almost collided into a car towards his SUV. Ranbir was a bit shaken but he continued driving and then they went to his house.”

Are the celebrities so afraid to openly declare the love in their life? The entire tinsel town is aware of the love affair between Katrina and Ranbir and they make a lovely couple too. So what is there to be afraid of the media? To quote a popular old filmy song ‘Pyar karenge khullam khulla’, is the appropriate line for young Ranbir Kapoor. Come to think of it, the memorable love song was lipped by his mom and dad only.