Ranbir Kapoor’s sister Riddhima finds Katrina lovely

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have been dating for quite some and Ranbir’s sister also approves of Kat after the actor’s parents Rishi and Neetu Kapoor says yes to the relationship. Kat is not only the choice of Ranbir’s parents but Riddhima also finds Kat lovely but said she is not aware of their nuptial.

Riddhima being a Kapoor Khandaan girl did not take up acting as her career. She preferred a family life rather than following the footsteps of her parents and brother. Speaking about Katrina and her marriage with Ranbir, Ridddhima said, “I have met Katrina, and she is a lovely girl. Beyond that, I really have no idea”.

Riddhima likes being a mom, “No, I am happy where I am today, and would not trade it for anything else. I love being a mom and that's my choice”.

When asked how often she exchange message with brother Ranbir, she replied, We exchange messages every now and then. He's a very affectionate and peace-loving boy. At times, we do have our arguments over silly things. But we love each other very much”.

Riddhima rejected role offered by Yash Chopra but she has no regrets on her decision.

Speaking about her daughter Samara, Ridhima said, “Many of her traits are similar to my brother and father. Every time she cries, she has to go and look at herself in the mirror. I've heard that my dad used to do the same when he was a child”.

Does she like Samara to act in movies, "I cannot decide for my child. I've left it to Samara to choose her own career. As a mother, I will guide her and be there for her", she concluded.