Ranbir Kapoor wants to start a family soon

Rishi Kapoor is renovating his Mumbai’s Pali Hill bungalow-Krishna Raj. The bungalow is going to be more spacious than before and one of the reasons behind making it bigger and spacious is their son Ranbir Kapoor. No sooner Ranbir finds the perfect match for him, he will settle down. Ranbir quips that he wants to stat a family soon.

Rishi Kapoor has decided to convert his bungalow into 14-storeyed building because he hopes that Ranbir would get married someday. Ranbir confirms the same, “I want to start a family at some point. So we’re only making a bigger house for ourselves.”

He hopes to settle down soon, “I will settle down as soon as I find someone special, and I haven’t so far; I have a lot to do as of now. I am still trying to create a firm hold in the film industry,” says Ranbir. Like any normal person, the actor is very closely attached to Krishna Raj. He has memories attached to the house.

Ranbir will be next seen opposite Priyanka Chopra in ‘Anjaana Anjaani’.