Ranbir Kapoor upset with his link-up report with Alia Bhatt

Ranbir Kapoor, who is known for his numerous love affairs is again in news. His affairs always remain in the topmost position in the gossip column. Be his link-up or break-up with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif or his open secret relationship with Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan, the ‘Barfi’ actor always has something in offer for his fans.

And now trending is his link-up rumour with Alia Bhatt. It is said that these days Ranbir and Alia are spending most of their time together. Their meetings gave added fuel to their budding relationship. The duo is coming together for Ayan Mukherji’s ‘Brahmastra’ and it is the reason of their frequent meetings. Ranbir Kapoor is upset with so much being said and written about him and Alia these days. He tried to convince his friends that it is Ayan, who is compelling the duo to meet so that they develop a comfort level before they come on-screen.

Things became worse on Ranbir’s part when a close friend of the actor commented that there’s only heartbreak written in Alia’s destiny if the actress dates Ranbir.

The friend said, “The guy is an epitome of heartbreak. He has wooed, won, loved and dumped every woman he has been involved with. Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif were willing to set aside their careers to set up a home with Ranbir. He simply moved on... Now it's Alia Bhatt. If she is really getting close to him she's looking for trouble. She is going to get hurt really badly”.

He further added, “They are both single at the moment. He had a long relationship with Katrina Kaif, then a brief growing friendship with Mahira Khan. Now he was pausing for a relationship-breather. But Alia Bhatt's presence has kind of rattled him. She is just getting over her heartbreak with Sidharth Malhotra and is in a very vulnerable and emotional state. There is definitely a friendship brewing between them”.