When Ranbir Kapoor cried like a baby

Ranbir Kapoor was not so close with his granduncle Shammi Kapoor before he worked with him in ‘Rockstar’. He bonded with him on the set of ‘Rockstar’ and deeply shattered with his departure. He totally broke down with the demise of his granduncle and cried like a small child.

His emotions surprised his family as he was never so close with his granduncle. Says a source, "Apart from his parents, sister and daadi (Krishna Raj Kapoor), Ranbir is close only to is his uncle, Rajiv Kapoor.

The latter, who lives alone in Pune, dotes on Ranbir and showers him with gifts. Ranbir was never really close to Shammiji until they shot together for Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar earlier this year.

That's when the actor discovered he had much in common with the original rebel Kapoor, who opened a whole new world to him."

A source close to Ranbir adds,"He has been deeply affected, especially since he worked with Shammiji in his last film, Rockstar. He felt this (working with Shammi Kapoor) was a milestone.
Since Ranbir didn't get an opportunity of working with his grandfather (the late Raj Kapoor), this was the next best thing."