Randhir Kapoor apologizes to those who've not been invited to the wedding

The Kapoor family is considered as Bollywood’s first family. It is recognized for producing the best directors, producers and actors in B-Town.

It started with Prithviraj Kapoor, who arrived in Bombay in 1928 from Peshawar. He had done Bachelors in arts from Peshawar University, but wanted to become an actor. His dad Bashesharnath, who was in police did not approve of that. So the young lad from a Hindu Pathan family moved to Bombay to realize his dreams.

Randhir Kapoor, son of Raj Kapoor is also one of the Kapoor clan. He said he much valued his family tradition. The R.K films which has not produced any film after Aa Ab Laut Chalen, in 1999 is said to be revived once again. Speaking on that he said, “You will hear an announcement by the end of the year. The trend today is to announce the film after one starts it, and that is what we plan to do. It may or may not star a kid from our house or a director. We will take them if they are required; we are not making a film for them.”

Speaking of the family’s legacy he praised the new generation of actors from the family. Specially Ranbir Kapoor. The question that was asked was that, if Ranbir was experimenting too much with his roles. Randhir said to that, “That is his choice, not Rishi Kapoor's, and he is doing a bloody good job of it. He didn't start by doing a Bobby, but a Saawariya, which was darker than Black. But he was so good and that is why he has taken off on a successful note. The family is very proud of Kareena, Karisma and Ranbir's work. All of them have taken the name of Kapoor household several notches higher.”

Questions were definitely going to be asked about his younger daughter Kareena Kapoor’s marriage. He was asked why many people had not been invited to the wedding. He said, “As much as Babita, me and the entire Kapoor family would like to have a reception party, we have to respect the sentiment of the couple who are marrying. Kareena and Saif want to have a small, private wedding, and only the immediate relatives of the Kapoors and the Khans, and friends close to my children have been invited. I would personally like to say sorry to those who've not been invited to the wedding. The bigger reception in Delhi has been organized by Saif's mother; a lot of politicians will be attending that one as Sharmilaji is very well-connected politically. I just want Kareena's fans to pray that she remains happy in her marriage.”