Ranbir Kapoor, Pallavi Sharda not on talking terms

The trouble between Ranbir Kapoor and his ‘Besharam’ co-star is growing strong with every passing day and their distance might have noticed by the audience on-screen and due to which the film drastically fall flat at the box-office. What went wrong between the couple is not yet known but both Ranbir Kapoor and Pallavi Sharda were sharing cold shoulders from day one of the shooting of ‘Besharam’.

Gossip mill churn about Ranbir not sharing good relationship with Sharda. During  the special screening of the film on Tuesday, the actor arrived late, posed for the camera and behaved as if Pallavi did not exist anywhere around him. Their difference raised eyebrows as they are the leading casts of the film and the guests expected them in good terms and closely connected. But what they saw was away from their wild imagination. They saw Pallavi and Ranbir maintaining distance from one another.

The ‘Besharam’ actor waved to his fans, posed for photograph and left the theatre with 15 minutes. An insider says, "He didn't chat with anyone and that invariably fuelled the rumours." However, a friend of the actor said that he had to leave the event early, as he had to catch a flight out of town.

"There is no problem between Ranbir and the crew. These are just rumours. He had to fly out for work. He took some time out to come for the screening and spoke to everyone. He even posed for pictures with Pallavi though he could not meet Abhinav."

Only a days back, it was reported that all is not well between Ranbir Kapoor and his co-star Pallavi Sharda and now more reports are coming up about their differences. During the first media launch of ‘Besharam’ Pallavi Sharda raised many eyebrows for  being missed out the event. The film’s lead actor Ranbir Kapoor and director Abhinav Singh Kashyap were present, Pallavi’s absence from the event was rather noticeable. When asked, it was known that hectic shooting schedule made the actress for a no-show.

The organizers were miffed with the last minute absent of the actress.

A crew member says, “Both Ranbir and Pallavi were shooting for a song in Film City the whole day. Since their shoot went on for long, the timing for the event too was pushed back thrice. Finally it started very late around 11 pm. Just before the event, Pallavi told the crew she was too tired to attend. Also, she didn’t hav enough time to get ready for the launch.”

However, a friend of the actress showcased a different picture. “That’s not true. Pallavi and the rest of the cast were never supposed to be part of this function. It was a case of miscommunication between the production and the marketing team. She is a newcomer and she can never give such bizarre excuses,” she says.

Ranbir asked the director to interact with the media alone. “Perhaps, this was their way of organising an event exclusively for him,” adds the actress’s friend.