Ranbir Kapoor opens his heart about alleged girlfriend Alia Bhatt

In an interview with GQ, Ranbir Kapoor confessed to dating Alia Bhatt and now in his recent conversation with Rajeev Masand, the ‘Barfi’ actor opened his heart about his alleged girlfriend.

When Ranbir was asked about his new-found love. He said, “I think a human being does extraordinary work only when they are in love” and further added, “Love is a privilege when it comes in life.”

 Throughout the interview, he kept praising Alia Bhatt. He said, “Alia has so much of colour, spontaneity and hard-work”. He kept emphasising on how disciplined Alia is. When asked about how is her influence on him so far, he said, “It is only positive.” He added, “the influence is greater as we’re working on a film (Brahmastra) together and I really admire her as an artist.”

Ranbir also divulged how both are lovers of animal, “I am an animal person and she is an animal person too”. Alia bonds with her cat and Ranbir is very fond of his pet dog.

Apart from this, he also talked about ‘Sanju’. When Rajeev asked him about how is he personally with Sanjay Dutt, he said, “I now look at Sanju Sir in a very different light, not because I’ve played him but because now I really know what he went through”.

Speaking about his performance in his upcoming film ‘Sanju’, the actor said, “What this film has done or will do is very subconscious feeling and it will probably happen after sometime."

‘Sanju’ will hit theatres on June 29.