Ranbir Kapoor makes fun of Shahrukh Khan

The trailer of the latest film of Ranbir Kapoor Besharam is out and it has gathered mixed reaction from the Bollywood buffs. While Ranbir has acted with his customary flair and a naughty boy aura which has served him well in his past films, fans have not taken kindly to his making fun of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in his film. According to the reports in the social media sites, the heavyweight actors themselves have also expressed their displeasure.

Ranbir had always presented a rather irreverent persona on the silver screen. Starting from his Bachna ae hasino where he played the light hearted lothario, this cheekiness is evident in many of his films including Barfi and Yeh jawani hain diwani. It probably suits the young and cute actor. As a result, Ranbir has done very well in an industry where even the Khans did not rise to such heights within so short a span of time. Director Abhinav Singh Kashyap had aimed to exploit this persona for his film Besharam. As a result, Ranbir is seen to be making fun of Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge and Dabangg in the film.

Ranbir is seen to be peeing in sarson ke khet as he mouths the famous song from the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge. Director Kashyap however was ready with his justifications though he expressed his willingness to apologize to Shah Rukh if the actor so desires. “First of all, the scene isn’t a mock but a metaphorical representation to establish the character Besharam which Ranbir plays in the film. It means no disrespect to anyone. Still, if need arises, I will apologize to Shah Rukh,” he said.

In another sequence, Ranbir is seen talking to his father – a cop named Chulbul, played by Rishi Kapoor. He says, ‘Chulbul naam rakh lene se koi Dabangg nahi ban jata.' This is evidently a reference to the character played by Salman Khan in his recent super hot filmDabangg. Kashyap says, “I think I have every right on the character which was part of my film. I should get a leverage of making fun of my film at least.”

Though the disagreement till now remains confined to the social media, it remains to be seen how the two Khans and Ranbir Kapoor choose to deal with the situation.