Ranbir Kapoor to portray Sanjay Dutt in biopic

If the industry buzz is to be believed, it seems that Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt’s — who has had a long and controversial life from drug abuse to his involvements in the Mumbai serial blasts case — life is going to be made into a biopic.

Media reports say Ranbir Kapoor has been roped in to play Sanjay’s role in the movie which will be directed by the actor’s close friend and the ‘Munnabhai’ director, Rajkumar Hirani. The decision, it seems was taken only a week before the 55-year-old actor returned to jail to serve the rest of his sentence.

A source in the media said his wife, Maanyata, also wanted a film made on Sanjay’s life and that the couple wanted filmmaker Hirani to do the work. The source was quoted saying, “Maanyata bhabhi (Dutt’s wife) was keen on a film being made on her husband’s life for Sanjay Dutt Productions. But the couple wanted only Rajkumar Hirani to direct the film.”

At the moment Hirani is busy with the post-production work of Aamir Khan starrer ‘P.K.’ which incidentally also stars Sanjay Dutt.

One of Sanjay’s most avid supporter in the industry, writer and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt when contacted reportedly said, “I met him a day before he left. There was no reference of any kind about a film being made on his life.”

“Sanju left home in very vulnerable state, enmeshed with the reality of having to spend time in prison. He is in fact in a very fragile state. I don’t think at the moment he is capable of handling the process of a project of this kind coming into fruition. Lots of projects get spoken about but I am not sure there has been any concrete go ahead on this one. Simply, because he is not capable of handling something like this at this juncture,” he added.     

Reports said that Hirani was not available for comment. Sanjay’s brother-in-law actor, Kumar Gaurav, who is said to be connected with the project, was also unreachable.  According to reports, Sanjay’s sister who is married to Gaurav denied the development of such a film. She was quoted saying, “I have no idea. Bunty is not associated with any such film. What you are talking about is not true.”

Sanjay was on an extended parole to attend to his ailing wife. The actor’s parole got over on Friday and Sanjay returned to Yerawada jail in Pune on Saturday