Ranbir can marry Katrina only if Deepika allows him?

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are the best of buddies today and they are not a slightest feeling of awkwardness or bitterness between them after the former dumped Deepika to establish a love relationship with Katrina Kaif. Let bygones be bygones, Ranbir and Deepika’s love affair is a past chapter now and the couple started a new chapter of friendship of which its every chapter is filled with fun, jokes and lots of hard work.

Ranbir’s marriage with Katrina always has been a hot topic of discussion. Well, during the promotion of ‘Tamasha’, when Ranbir was probed the same question in Deepika’s presence, the latter intervened and said, "Ranbir can't get married till I allow it...,".

Ranbir added, "It's a very big question about my life. I completely believe in the institution of marriage. When I will get married, I will let the whole world know about it."

To promote ‘Tamasha’, Ranbir and Deepika tooka train ride from Mumbai to Delhi joined by their director Imtiaz Ali.’

Ranbir and Deepika debuted in Bollywood on the same day. Ranbir’s first movie ‘Saawariya’ clashed with Deepika’s first release ‘Om Shanti Om’. Speaking about how time has flown by Ranbir said, “It feels just like yesterday. I saw Deepika outside ‘Saawariya’ sets walking across to ‘Om Shanti Om’ set. Eight years have passed and we have no idea. We have worked hard and reached the point we have desired for in our lives.”

On the other hand, Deepika recalls debuting on the same day with her ex-flame Ranbir.

Speaking about their journey she said, “It’s a very unique situation. We have heard about actors debuting in the same year but actors debuting on the same day is something which does not happen normally. I hope he never changes. But it has been an amazing journey.”