Ranbir and Sonam kiss and make-up

Ever since the two made their debuts in Bollywood with ‘Saawariya’, the actors Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have not been sharing a cordial relation. But at a recent party they seem to bury their differences and were seen chatting like old friends.

Sonam and Ranbir were childhood friends. They debuted in Bollywood together and during the shooting of their first movie, they got close to each other. Though Sonam has never talked openly of her short flick with Ranbir, it was rumored that the two were in a relationship for a short period. Then things took an ugly turn and they stopped talking to each other. They started hating each other so much that they got vocal publically against each other. Ranbir tagged Sonam somewhere as “Sonam is not sexy”. Sonam took the revenge on Karan Johar’s show ‘Kofee with Karan’ where Sonam joined hands with Ranbir’s ex Deepika and talked foul of Ranbir on the show.

In an interview given in 2011, Sonam had said, “Well, it was Ranbir who started it all by saying 'Sonam is not sexy'. I just shot back and said 'Ranbir is not sexy'. If a man says it, chalta hai. But when a woman says the same thing, nahi chalta hai? That's sexist! Why should I say 'sorry' to him? Just because his father made a hue and cry about it? If Ranbir apologises to me, I shall too.” 

Listening to this, Ranbir had said, “She is a bit of a drama queen but I like her.” And Sonam quipped, “I am an actress, darling. If I don't do drama, who else will?”

Their fight became so worse that even after the success of ‘Saawariya’, the duo never appeared in any movie together.

Recently Sonam threw a birthday party for her cousin Arjun Kapoor and she also invited Ranbir. A source said, “Sonam is riding high on the success of ‘Raanjhanaa’. And when you're happy, you tend to let bygones be bygones. She has moved on, so has Ranbir. Post ‘Saawariya’, Sonam was dating Punit Malhotra and Ranbir was in a relationship with Deepika. Over the years, both have matured. Sonam had even invited Punit for the party, who also dropped by."

The source further added, “People were a bit surprised to see Ranbir at the party, but he got along with Sonam famously-their interaction was very warm with no references of the bitter past.”