Rana Daggubati to marry Miheeka Bajaj on August 8

Rana Daggubati, who had a low-key roka ceremony with Miheeka Bajaj at the Rama Naidu Studios few days ago will enter into wedlock on August 8, 2020.

The news was confirmed by Rana’s father Suresh Babu. Suresh Babu informed that the wedding will take place in the presence of only handful of relatives and close ones according to government guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a hearty chat, Rana narrated his love story with Miheeka. "She was Ashritha's (Venkatesh Daggubati's older daughter) classmate and I knew her for a long time. However, the decision to get married happened pre-lockdown”.

"It's the first time I thought I will get married. That means she did something to me, right? I went with the flow. And when good things happen, you don't question why it did," he explained.

When Lakshmi quizzed about how his parents and sister Malavika reacted, Rana revealed, "It all went from shock to joy. Be it, my parents or my sister, it was something that they wanted for a long time. So, they were really happy."

Rana divulged how he proposed marriage to Miheeka. He said, "I think I found the strangest time to get married. I reconnected with her a couple of months ago and I felt that I can do this long term with her. Actually, she knew what I was going to ask over the phone. So, I met her in person and said a bunch of nice things. She was shocked at first, but was happy."

The ‘Baahubali’ actor revealed that their love story is simple. "For me, after a certain age, it is all about commitment. And this is the first time I chose to commit. I felt Miheeka was the right person for me. It's the person and their attitude that makes you go ahead with the marriage. I found love and that's about it," he confessed.

Rana also disclosed that he wasn't nervous when he proposed to Miheeka. "I was casual and cool about it. I have grown up enough and seen enough. So, I wasn't nervous."

Miheeka Bajaj has been a part of Rana’s family and friend’s circle. "She is friends with my family and my group in Mumbai. She was there all these years, but we didn't feel it then," explained Rana.

Rana joked how his exes reacted to his roka ceremony, "I got pouring messages from friends and others and they were all happy. My exes gave blessings," Rana said.