Ramesh Sippy to remake 'Sholay'?

SholayWhile on remakes, there're rumours that Ramesh Sippy, the maker of the all-time blockbuster SHOLAY, is planning to remake the film with a contemporary star cast. In fact, the media is agog with stories that a number of makers are planning to remake yesteryear classics with present-day stars
“It's an interesting idea to remake a film, but I cannot think of remaking SHOLAY,” Sippy tells me. Why? “Well, there's a block in my mind. Frankly, I've never thought of remaking the film. I just cannot do it,” the veteran states honestly.

Nonetheless, Sippy feels that the project, if attempted, should look plausible even with present-day stars. “The existing stars are extremely capable. They react to every situation efficiently. While the veterans took time to attain a particular level of performance, the new generation is very fast, very competent,” he smiles.

Courtesy: India FM