Ram Kapoor kisses Ronit Roy

Television popular stars Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy were in their humorous best when they went up to host the Indian Telly Awards on stage. They together performed a little ‘Dostana’ act in which Ram Kapoor kissed Ronit Roy. It was a bet that forced Ram to kiss Ronit.

Ram and Ronit was in the competition for television personality category and according to the bet if Ronit lose the award then he would hug Ram and if Ronit wins the competition then Ram would kiss Ronit. The award was finally declared and Ronit Roy was declared the winner and Ram acted according to the bet, he kissed Ronit.

Both the actors entertained the audience to the fullest and all the audience had a great fun watching the unmatchable chemistry of Ram and Ronit.

The show sees some exciting performances by Priyal Gor-Ashish Kapoor, Mitali Nag-Kinshuk Mahajan, Anas Rashid-Deepika Singh among others.

The award function will be aired on Saturday on national television. So don’t miss it.