Ram Gopal Varma's daughter gets engaged

Ram Gopal Verma has been a director who had his own niche. He had the talent to direct unusual stories and was lauded for films like “Satya”, “Bhoot”, “Company”, “Rangeela”, “Sarkar” and many more. However, of late his reputation has been going downhill. His films like “Aag” and “Bhoot Returns” have been the butt of all jokes in the industry and outside of it. His recent releases have bombed at the box-office due to a weak script and thus have also received tremendous flak from the film critics and the audiences.

However, now the director is not in the news for his films but for his personal life. His daughter Revathi recently got engaged to her boyfriend Pranav. She is a medical student and the groom-to-be is a doctor. The two got hitched during a stretch of time when they worked together.

What was surprising is that the engagement ceremony took place in a private and simple manner at home. The Bollywood glitterati and associates from the Telugu industry were also not present at the ceremony. Only close family members presence was witnessed at the occasion. Later they moved on to the Radisson Hotel at Hyderabad.

A source threw some light on this saying, “Contrary to belief, RGV is very private when it comes to his family. He dotes on his daughter. Only a few close friends and family members were present at Revathi's engagement ceremony at home. Later that evening, they continued the party at a star hotel."

It is also being claimed that since Revathi is no film actress or celebrity the family is refraining from making any hullabaloo over her marriage. The same had been noticed in another marriage of that of Malavika, the daughter of Suresh Babu, down south. They too solemnized the marriage without any hype.

Ram Gopal Verma did not divulge any details about his daughter’s engagement to the media. However, his close friend talented director S.S Rajamouli who was present at the occasion tweeted and commented in a playful manner. His quote read, “Had the pleasure/privilege of watching @RGVzoomin playing a dutiful father at revathi's reception. What a sight!!!! Ha ha ha ha."

The wedding date has not yet been revealed by Ram Gopal Verma or his family. However, rumors are abound in the media that the wedding will be taking place in the month of August this year. However nothing has yet been confirmed by the family.