Ram Gopal Varma wants to kiss Ekta Kapoor

It is very hard to impress filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. He is very good in criticism and if Ramu doesn’t like any film, he instantly pokes fun at it, whoever he may be so. But this time filmmaker Ekta Kapoor has been successful in making Ram Gopal Varma happy. Varma is highly impressed with Ekta’s ‘The Dirty Picture’ and in appreciation; he said that he wished to kiss Ekta.

He tweeted, ''Kudos to the family queen Ekta for making even families see Dirty picture. Ekta proved once for all what I always suspected in my mind that all families deep inside are down and dirty.''

Raving about Ekta's film, Ramu unabashedly tweeted, ''I want to give 2 million 15 lakh 17 thousand 3 hundred and 26 and a half kisses to Ekta for proving that Dirty is Clean and Clean is Dirty.''

Ekta Kapoor’s ‘The Dirty Picture’ got rave reviews.