Ram Gopal Varma shooting feverishly for 26/11 attacks

Ram Gopal Varma’s ki 26/11 Attacks seems to be hitting too many hurdles. Varma supposedly hasn’t got the permission to shoot at Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel, Colaba for his film’s shoot. Incidentally, he has also been granted just a limited access to CST.

The reason was quite obvious. The authorities were not in a mood to be reminded about that ghastly incident.  Even through a movie. Varma was indeed a bit disappointed with that. A source close to him said, “Ram Gopal Varma was a bit disappointed over not being given complete permission to shoot at CST or at the Colaba hotel. After shooting some sequences at CST, he will shoot the rest of the gory and firing scenes on another set.”

But Ramu has now found an innovative way for his shoot. He has turned a hotel in Juhu into the chic lobby of Tower Hotel. The set has been designed by noted art director Uday Singh. Though, at a whooping cost of 2.5 crores.

Shortly after the terrorist attack RGV had visited Taj Mahal Hotel along with the then chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh and actor Ritesh Deskmukh. It had irked some people. He was seen as an opportunist, trying to make a movie on an incident that had deeply hurt people. In fact he was called ‘insensitive scavenger. However, he had denied that and had said, “I just happened to be there. I was not part of the chief minister’s team nor was I invited by him.”

RGV has teamed up with Rommel Rodriguez, who is author of the book, ‘Kasab the face of 26/11’. He has decided to give newcomer Sanjeev Jaiswal , the role of Ajmal Kasab . Earlier there were rumors that Ritesh Deshmukh may play that role.

Varma is quite eager about his new project and said, “It could be traumatic for many to see the recreation of that horrible tragedy. For me, in the context of the attacks, a five-star hotel is the symbol of human achievement in terms of splendor. To see blood flowing on its polished floo rs and its pristine walls and artifacts there to be riddled with bullets are living testimony of the ultimate barbarism Man is capable of doing.”

He has described it as the most challenging movie of his career. He had said,” “After my tryst with the so called underworld films I would consider this film as the greatest challenge of my career.” We hope it comes out well.