Ram Gopal Varma: “I want to make a ‘Darna’ series.”

Ram Gopal Varma will be directing ‘Time Machine’, which will star Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The director has wanted to work with these two talented actors for quite a while and now he finally has the opportunity to do so. In fact, he has an added bonus, as Shahrukh Khan will also be producing the film. Director Varma says, “The minute Shahrukh offered to produce the film I agreed. Some people think it might restrict my freedom, but in fact, I think it gives me more freedom since I can forget about production hassles for once and just concentrate on directing. I am writing the script too.” He further adds, “Who makes the film isn’t important, the film is and these are mere technicalities.” Varma’s film has an element of time shift and his story is set in three time zones, the past, present and future.
On the issue of similarities between Varma and Harry Baweja’s films on Time machine too, Ramgopal says, “Harry met me and I told him there are plenty of Hollywood films based on Time Machine. Films don’t work on plots, they work on narrative, characters and how the plot is constructed.” The director also disclaims the notion that Kareena walked out from Harry Baweja’s film to take on his film. Varma guffaws, “The notion seems quite far-fetched. To my knowledge, Kareena left Harry’s film long before I signed her. I am not concerned with why she left Harry’s film, as it is her personal choice. I am pretty sure that Harry’s film and mine are completely different.”

Varma’s next release is his film ‘Darna Zaroori hai’. However, even before this film can release and without waiting to gauge its box office response, Varma has already decided to do another film in the horror genre titled ‘Darna Mangta Hai’. Varma says, “I want to make a ‘Darna’ series. We’ll have a contest to select the stories and directors. And, no, it doesn’t matter whether ‘Darna Zaroori Hai’ works or not. The idea is to continue making what I want to.” The director intends to make six-story horror films once or twice a year, depending on how many good stories he gets. He continues to indulge in the horror flicks as he feels that this genre stretches a filmmaker’s ability to tell a story.

Ram Gopal Varma is also known for making films based on the underworld. He will continue with his fixation by making another criminal kingpin film. But this time the don of the film will be a female. Isha Koppikar will play the female don in the film ‘Shabri’ that will be directed by Lalit Marathe. The film is about a girl from the slums who goes on to become a don. The protagonist in this film is forced into a situation that compels her to pick up a gun. Isha says, “When I first heard the script, I immediately knew that I had to do the film and there was no way that I could have said no. Also the director liked my performance in the film ‘D’ and wanted to cast me in this film.”

Looks like Ram Gopal Varma has his plate full for the next couple of months with producing and directing his different ventures. After his last film ‘James,’ which was a complete wash out at the box-office, let’s hope that his ‘Darna’ series, his underworld flicks and his latest venture of the ‘Time Machine’ will be much more successful at the box-office. Varma definitely has an eclectic bag of forthcoming films in the line up.