Rakshi Sawant’s ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi to get married

Rakhi Sawant’s former boyfriend and TV actor Abhishek Awasthi will soon tie the knot. He has found love in Ankita Goswami two years back and now the duo is thinking to take their relationship to the next level.

Speaking about Ankita, Abhishek said, "She cooks amazingly well. I can apologise to her even without committing any mistake just for that. In fact, I would like her to do an international chef course."

The two has been in a relationship for the past two years. "Our families have met and are planning our roka in a few days. We will tie the knot by the end of this year," he says, adding, "She is the kind of girl I have always wanted to marry. After being at wrong places, God has finally landed me at the right one."

Ankita is nine years younger than Abhishek and when the actor was asked about facing any hurdles about the long age gap with his life partner, he replied, "Not at all. Being an actor, I get to work with people across age groups and I get along with everyone," says the actor.

Abhishek was earlier engaged to Kalpana Sonawane, and they were supposed to get married by the end of 2014. But it ended.

Speaking about his past girlfriends, Rakhi Sawant and Kalpana Sonawane, he replies, "My past doesn't matter anymore. I am superstitious and don't want to jinx my beautiful present with Ankita."

Along with his personal life, Abhishek's professional life is also going great guns. "'Chandrakanta' will be my first costume drama. I am excited about being part of a legendary show, which I have watched as a child. I will play Kroor Singh's aide Ahmed. Though negative, he is a comic character," he signs off.