Rakhi Sawant wants to look like Aishwarya

Rakhi Sawant is not only busy in selecting the right life partner for her but she is also involved in selecting the perfect wedding attire and jewelry. With wedding day nearing by, Rakhi expressed her wish as how she wanted to look like. With everyone’s surprise, Rakhi said that she wanted to look like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on her wedding day.

To make Rakhi look like Ash, she will be styled by fashion designer Neeta Lulla and jewelry designer Farah Ali Khan. Neeta showed Rakhi various wedding attire that would match her complexion and also suggested that she should dress up traditionally like a true Indian princess to live up to the occasion. Farah too showed Rakhi various stone studded jewelry that would suit her and her wedding attire.

Rakhi wanted her wedding to be very extravagant like that of Ash and unlike the Bachchans, she wanted to invite all the bigwigs of the industry and wanted media to cover her grand day.