Rakhi Special: SRK, Akshay, Hrithik’s undying love for their sisters

On the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan, we bring to you the measure of love, affection, care that our Bollywood actors share with their respective sisters. Where relationship in Bollywood is very inconsistent, thank God there is on relationship with remains unaffected by the negative effect of glamour industry. 

Shahrukh Khan has an elder sister Shahnaz Lala Rukh. She lives with Shahrukh Khan at Mannat. She suffers from depression after the departure of her parents. She could not face the reality that her parents are no more. SRK revealed that when their father Mir Taj Mohammed died for days, his elder sister Shehnaz did not shed a tear.

"Shehnaz is very naïve and sweet. In bringing up my sister and me, my parents never made any difference, though I think my sister was closer to my parents because she is six years older to me. She was very spoilt and pampered. I've grown in her shadow, as she was the older child in the house. I'd look up to her.

After her schooling, she did a management course. For some time, she worked for the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. She has also done her MA in psychology. She is my only connection to my parents. I see my father and mother in her. I keep telling Shehnaz, "You're just like mummy." Even she has fits of anger, like my mother.

She was extremely affected by our father's death. I was younger, so I think I got over dad's death sooner. By the time she accepted our dad's absence, our mother died. She went through a bad phase. She clammed up. Earlier, she was an outgoing girl, but now she has become silent. I still look up to her.

Walking down the memory lane, Shahrukh Khan shared the days when his father was sick. “My father died of cancer, liver and lung. The last few days he couldn’t speak, so we would play dumb charades or he would write stuff. He, obviously like any other, was in love with his daughter.” Shah Rukh Khan revealed about his sister.

SRK recalled when he brought his sister home from school she just collapsed after seeing the body of their father. “My sister saw his body, looked at it and just collapsed and for the next two years she did not recover from the shock. She didn’t cry but she could not face the reality of our father’s death,” he said.

“During DDLJ she was again hospitalized and they said she won’t survive. I took her to Switzerland and got her treatment while I was shooting for "Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam.” Unfortunately she has never fully recovered from the sudden death of him, though she is doing much better.

Similar is for Akshay Kumar. He loves his sister the most. Last year, he handed over his sister Alka Bhatia’s hand to a businessman Surendra Hiranandani.

Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina fought against cervical cancer with the support of his family. Unfortunately, Sunaina did not find bliss in marriage. She has been thrice unlucky with two failed marriages and a broken engagement. Hrithik and his family awaits for a perfect match for Sunaina. 

The sisters too plays an important role in the success of their respective brothers. It might not have been possible with the love and support of them.