Rakhi Sawant’s mother to undergo major surgery

Sultry Rakhi Sawant was inconsolable on the show, ‘Bigg Boss 14’ after she talked to her mother Jaya Bheda. Rakhi is shocked to know that her mother was admitted to the hospital and will undergo major surgery for abdomen tumor. She burst into tears while talking to her mother via video call and asked her to get fine before she gets out of the show. 

Rakhi Sawant’s brother Rakesh Sawant told the Times Of India about the same, “I am thankful that Bigg Boss made my ailing mother speak to Rakhi. She was crying while talking to her and we all saw that. She is very down, her health is not good. It is going to be a major operation as she has a tumor in her abdomen. I had to take the decision of the operation in Rakhi's absence as the doctors told us that they cannot wait since there is internal bleeding. We are scared and worried for mom. I just hope everything goes well and when Rakhi comes out she gets to see a healthy mom."

While speaking to ETimes TV, Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant shared the condition of their mom. “I was with my mom the entire day and she is going to be operated on in a day or two. She has abdominal cancer,” he said.

“I feel whatever is happening is secondary. The first is mom and daughter’s love and bond. My mom loves her more than anyone in the family and she is her favourite child. She is very close to her,” said Rakhi’s brother.

Rakesh talked about the mother-sister bonding, "Our mother cries every time she watches Rakhi on Bigg Boss 14. She is keeping a close eye. She watches the repeat telecast also. In fact, sometimes the doctors and nurses watch the show together and praise Rakhi. She gets emotional watching her. She says just before going, I want to see on the top, like how she was once. She is very happy that Rakhi is back with a show like Bigg Boss”.