Rakhi Sawant to enter 'Bigg Boss' season 6

Rakhi Sawant made her mark in the music album called “Pardesiya” and since then she tried every gimmick to stay put in the industry.

She has pulled down every actor and actress of the film industry to grab some attention for her indelicate comments from the media. She has also got herself to do a show called “Swayamvar” where she was supposed to choose her life-partner from among some odd number of contestants. She obviously backed out from the commitment after the show got over.

But not all is waste when it comes to this motor-mouth. Rakhi has done many item-songs and she is really talented when it comes to dancing. What makes her stay in the news now is that she will be entering the sixth season of “Bigg Boss”.

Rakhi is one of the “been there, done that” in the industry as she tried her hands at every reality show in the want of furthering her career. Thus she has been a contestant in the “Bigg Boss” house, right in its first season. She too had her share of fights with Kashmira Shah on the show and there was every bit of the shedding of the tears.

Now in its sixth season Rakhi will be entering the house but only as a guest.  The “Bigg Boss” house this season has been split into two- one is the original and the other is ‘padosi’ house.

Rakhi will be entering that house, where Aashka Goradia and Bhojpuri star Nirahua are already living. Sources close to the show said “She is just entering as a guest on the show and will interact with the housemates. In fact just to give a clear picture, Rakhi will be seen in the ‘Padosi’ house interacting with Nirahua , Aashkha and Jyoti.”

Recently there was a problem regarding one of the contestants of the show-Imam Siddique. He lost his cool and broke the property of the “Bigg Boss” house, over a verbal fight with Aashka Goradia. The crew of the show had to intervene and throw Imam out of the show.

Actor Rajeev Khandelwal whose film “Table No. 21” is on the edge of its release will promote his film on the show.

Earlier Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari of Bigg Boss season 4 made it to the show to increase the TRP ratings and now it is Rakhi Sawant’s turn to turn up the viewership.