Rakhi Sawant spilts up with Abhishek

Item girl Rakhi Sawant is outrageous, bold and outspoken. Whether it is professional or personal secrets, she never keeps things under wrap and with least botheration declares to the world about what she is going through in life. There are many times when her life came under the scanner of media but Rakhi remained unperturbed. When she entangled in the entire smooching tale with singer Mika, she deliberately came forward for clarification. Today, Rakhi is again in the news for her long time boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi. Reportedly, Rakhi broke up with Abhishek after some serious argument.

Rakhi has thrown Abhishek out of their Lokhandwala apartment. She says, "He was the biggest mistake of my life." According to Rakhi, Abhishek has changed totally and he is no longer the same guy with whom she fell in love, he has just used her to get work. "I felt like I was a ladder for him to get work. He used me when it was required. I don't want to take credit, but there have been occasions when I did help him in getting work. Today he's bought his own flat and is staying somewhere in Malad. I am not in touch with him."

Rakhi dumped Abhishek and now she in search of a new love. We hope Rakhi finds her true love item boy soon!