Rakhi Sawant kicks boyfriend Abhishek out

Controversy goes hand in hand with Rakhi Sawant. Item girl Rakhi’s every move is keenly watched because wherever she goes and whatever she does creates news. The latest news about Rakhi is that on Monday night she had a strong argument with her boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi and at the end she thrown him out her house. An insider revealed that the tussle started when Abhishek brought DJ Shezwood to Rakhi’s house to discuss a project.  

The argument started when Rakhi was discussing with Abhishek about her career and suddenly Abhi uttered a bizarre statement. Abhishek also doesn’t seem happy with her perception regarding the matter and sticked to his viewpoint. After continuous argument, situation turned worsen and she shouted at him and asked him to leave her house. 

Rakhi who is popularly known for her extrovert nature, behaved quite differently today. She was not willing to reveal anything and remained tight-lipped on the issue. Her move shows that she was very serious about her boyfriend and totally upset on his behavior and attitude. Abhishek on the other hand confirms the fight between him and Rakhi and now repenting on being harsh to her. He had decided to go to her and settle everything very soon. Abhishek loves Rakhi a lot and does not want to lose her at any cost. Good move Abhi.