Rakhi Sawant demands C-string panties for her new show

Rakhi Sawant is hosting a new show, ‘Ghajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahini’ and she has laid an exorbitant demand to the producer. She has demanded heavy accessories and costly wardrobe. Rakhi has also demanded C-string panties in three colors, red, green and purple which are very popular in Hollywood but rarely available in India. Rakhi has also threatened the channel to walk out of the show if her requirements are not fulfilled.

A source from the production house told, "Rakhi, who's hosting the show, put forth her demands in terms of clothes and accessories. The cost of her wardrobe is around Rs 70 lakh, way beyond what we had expected it to be. We are still negotiating. As if all this wasn't enough, Rakhi recently read a lot about C-string and wants them to be included in her clothes. While her clothes aren't a problem, getting a C-string is difficult. It's not available in the Indian markets yet, but she has issued us an ultimatum and will refuse to shoot unless she gets them."

Rakhi Sawant has given an ultimatum that if her demands are not fulfilled she would not shoot. If Rakhi has been able to satisfy her demand that she would be the first Indian to wear C-string panty.