Rakhi offered Varmala to Elesh

Rakhi Sawant’s ‘Swayamvar’ finally comes to an end. Yesterday, she killed the curiosity of who among the three would be her future husband. Her decision did not stun the audience because Elesh Parujanwala was the most prospective guy among the two and Rakhi had several times indirectly appreciated his nature and attitude.

In a grand manner, Rakhi’s ‘Swayamvar’ started and ended. Televisions well known faces graced the occasion and the special guests being Saroj Khan and Anang Desai. Host Ram Kapoor welcomed the guests. Decked in expensive jewelry and dressed in a beautiful wedding attire, Rakhi seeks the blessing of God before she made the biggest decision of her life.

With ‘Varmala’ in hand, Rakhi aroused curiosity by making to and pro motion. Finally, she put over the garland to Elesh Parujanwala. She revealed the reason of choosing Elesh, she said, "I've been watching and examining Elesh from the beginning. His concern for me has been same on onscreen as well as off-screen. I understand that he loves me a lot. I too love him a lot. And I promise that this is not a show and I will be with him once for all."