Rakhi Sawant likely to marry Elesh

Toronto-based entrepreneur Elesh Parujanwala has wooed Rakhi Sawant and he has been chosen the right guy among the four left out. As Rakhi Sawant has declared that she is getting married on August 2, Elesh is likely to be Rakhi’s groom as he has been exceptional through out the whole process. Elesh who has an acting dream has decided to shift his base from Toronto to Mumbai so that Rakhi did not have to maintain a long distance marriage.   

Calm and polite Elesh spoke about his future plans, "There won't be any need for a long-distance marriage, or for Rakhi to join me in Toronto. I've already shifted a part of my business from Toronto to Mumbai and I intend to stay put in Mumbai for a very long time."

Elesh has been a Bollywood buff and says he grew up on a staple diet of Bollywood in Toronto. "I used to watch Rakhi Sawant in her films and her music videos. At that time I never thought I'd one day be asking her hand for marriage. Life is funny."

Let’s see whether Rakhi Sawant will really marry Elesh or she will just twist the game.