Rajpal Yadav released from jail

Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav who was sent to 10 days judicial custody was released on day three. He and his wife have been held in forgery case. The Bollywood actor got temporary relief from the Delhi High Court today. He was sent to jail on December 3rd and on December 6th; the single judge of the high court had suspended his sentence and granted him time to file his statutory

A bench of Justices BD Ahmed and Vibhu Bakhru issued notice to Delhi-based company Murli Projects and asking for reply by January 22, 2014 while hearing Rajpal Yadav's appeal against the single judge's December 3 order. It said, "In the meantime, the sentence will remain suspended till its further order."

Further, Rajpal Yadav was directed not to leave Delhi or go out of the country without permission. He has also submitted his passport to the Registrar General (RG) of the Delhi High Court. "Appellant (Yadav) can complete his projects within India. However, he will not travel outside the country," the bench said.

The court also asked Yadav to give a cheque of Rs 20 lakh to Murli Projects within a week.

On December 3rd, Bollywood comic actor Rajpal Yadav was arrested by police and he was sent to 10 days judicial custody. Delhi High Court has remanded Rajpal Yadav for hiding facts about a Rs.5 crore recovery suit filed against him and his wife by a Delhi-based entrepreneur.

Justice S. Murlidhar also asked Yadav's wife Radha to remain present in the Registrar General's office till the rising of the court. The judge also issued notice to the two women lawyers of the couple for submitting affidavit with forged signature of Rajpal and his wife.

The court was also miffed with the concealing fact of the couple. Being in Mumbai, they claimed that Radha is out of Mumbai and she is in Ghaziabad. The couple was to present before the judge on Monday, December 2 but after a long wait Rajpal arrived but his wife was missing.

Court then asked the couple to present strictly on Tuesday. Today Rajpal Yadav was taken to the jail and his wife was sent to the Registrar General's office.

The court was merciful towards Rajpal’s wife as she has a small child with her.

"As far as defendant no. 3 (Radha) is concerned, court takes lenient view as she has a child with her. She will be in the room of the Registrar General till the closing hour of the court," Justice Murlidhar said.

On sending Yadav to 10 days judicial custody, the court said, "The court sentenced 10 days simple imprisonment to Rajpal Yadav and direct the police to take him into the custody."

The court ordered police to sag the assets of the couple, bank account and the company owned by the couple.

Way back in 2010, Rajpal Yadav took loan from Delhi-based entrepreneur, M.G. Agarwal (owner of Murli Projects), of Rs 5 crore to make his Hindi debut directional film 'Ata Pata Laapata'.